About Me

I’m Bryan Aparicio, a fourth-year Journalism student at California State University, Long Beach. I’m 21 years old and I’ve been getting familiar with programs such as Adobe Premiere and learning how to edit and create projects within the program. I’ve also become familiar with Audacity and learning how to create Podcasts. In the future I plan to start one of my own podcasts that will talk about sports, particularly discussing the NBA and what is going on around the league. When I first opened up these programs, I was confused because I had never dealt with them before. It felt intimidating but as I use them more and more, it becomes a more natural feeling. I feel that applies to anything new that you try. As you do it over and over again, the routine seems easier and you feel more composed each time you try it.

The purpose of this blog is to display some of my work that I have done along with a couple of pieces that have been done by other creators. It’s work that inspires to me to continually develop my skills and create work similar to that quality. The reason I created this blog is to show the progress that I have done with my work. I will continue to post more content on this blog to show a comparison of my work from when I began up to the point where I am. Hopefully you enjoy the content that I have posted and will continue to support. Enjoy the site!

If you have any questions and would like to contact me about anything, you can send me an email to apariciob20@gmail.com