Wk 15-Artist Conversation-Amy Duran/Luis Casas


Artist Information 

Artist Name: Amy Duran & Luis Casas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov East

Exhibit: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: polkadot.pony

Website: None

About the Artists

I wasn’t able to get anything from Luis Casas but I was able to get an intake on Amy and her perspective. This week was different from every other art gallery that I had been to. Everything was for sale. I spoke to Amy about her characteristics. She is a transfer student from Cypress College and is currently working for her BFA in Ceramics. She has a passion for Ceramics but she also has a vast interest in stop-motion animation. One day she hopes to be working in this field.

Content Analysis

Love Houses consists of many pieces that would be fitting for a home. The exhibition name is based off of the artists’ name. Amy, which is french for Love and Casas, which is House in Spanish. Boom. Creation of the name. Some of the pieces that were in this exhibition were made with decorating tools but using clay instead of sugary goodness. Jokes, jokes.

Formal Analysis

Walking into this galley was riveting because of all of its content. There was just so much to look at but the vases in their gallery caught my eye because of the designs on it. Everything had a price tag on it, so I would go to each piece and look for a price tag, not because I wanted to buy it, but because I wanted to see what the art was worth to the artist. They valued it at a very high price, which they should if they really believe that their product is valuable.


I had never been to one of these galleries where everything was up for sale. I saw more traffic than usual here at the galleries. I guess many art enthusiasts were interested in what people had to tell. Many of the pieces were beautiful and there were some pieces that I had already seen in previous gallery visits. It’s funny because there was a red vase in particular that caught my eye instantly as I stepped inside the gallery because I had seen it previously in another exhibition. It had a unique design on it the first time I saw it and thought to myself that this would be pretty pricy. Sure enough it was. I think it was for sale at $800. I wish my bank account had $800. Well…






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