Wk 15-Art Activity-Finger Painting


Hey! Welcome back. For this final art activity, we had finger painting to do. I thought it was really fun because it was sort of reminiscent of my childhood. Being this upcoming week is going to be finals week and most of us are going to have our heads buried in books and study guides, it felt nice to relax and just let your mind flow. The turquoise sort of color represented a sort of mellow and relaxing feeling. There aren’t many days where we can just sit and relax now because there is so much going on in our lives. I basically let my fingers paint the picture. No thoughts, no worries, just free flow. The mixture of paints gave a good mixture in my opinion. It was really enjoyable and has been one of the best activities to do because there were no restrictions and no worries whether it’d be right or wrong, pretty or ugly. This will be one of the last posts that will be going up, at least for a while. It was a fun ride, honestly. Whoever viewed, thank you. Until next time.

-Bryan Aparicio 🤘🏽


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