This semester was really fun. It was a different method of teaching and I think it was so successful because of the subject. Being able to meet outside of a classroom and interact with each other about what we SEE instead of what we READ is what makes this teaching method sos successful. Three of my favorite activities were Landscapes with a Corpse, Graffiti Writing, and Finger Painting. I think being able to express yourself they way you choose was so important for this class. It might’ve been the main thing I got out of it. The materials that we were asked to use were just materials. It was us who would provide our unique content. These three were my favorite because it kind of showed a personality. It showed how someone was feeling and their thought process, whether it was a good or bad one. My 3 least favorite activities were Zines and Flip Books, Art Care Package, and Automatic Drawing. It’s not that they were bad, I just wasn’t as interested as I was with the other ones. I didn’t really like the Flip Books only because I’m awful at drawing, not because I thought the idea was bad or anything. Keep this format, along with the weekly posts and Art Talk OTW. It shows people’s creativeness and their perspective. Using word press is a great idea because of its simplicity and because this could be used as a reference later as well. I enjoyed this format and other people will enjoy it too. If you decide to change it up, I’m sure it’ll be for the right reasons. Thanks, Glenn.


Here’s a picture of Kobe Bryant from his high school days all the way to his professional career. Just a random photo because he’s the greatest I’ve ever seen play. MAMBA OUT.


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