Wk 13-Classmate Conversation-John Savage


Earlier this week I met John Savage after our guest speaker finished up her session. First off, John hands down has the best last name ever. John is film major here at CSULB and was born here in long beach. He intends on finishing up his degree her and pursue work in this field once he graduates. To answer our question of the week, he responded saying he would take the red pill because he would not be content with living in a world that was not real. He said that it would be a bother to him as if nothing he actually did mattered because it was just some fake world. I disagreed with him and said I would take the other pill because I feel I might have gone insane if I were to know how a story finished. I’d rather go on and believe what I want, just to keep my sanity and constantly how this happened and how that happened. Either way it was cool to see both perspectives from that answer. Hope you enjoyed!



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