Wk 9-Artist Conversation-Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

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Exhibition Information 

Name: Dalia Bañuelos & Daniel Bonilla-Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Media: Painting, Strings, Pictures, Dummy

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Website: dbvphotography.com (Daniel’s website), none for Dalia

About the Artist

This exhibition had two artists. This is a first for any of my artist conversations so it was more interesting. Dalia and Daniel are both current undergraduates and their stories are interesting. After being rejected from the BFA photography program, the two decided to collaborate together. Instead of dreading over the news, they created this work expressing themselves. It was great seeing various pieces expressing the emotions running through their minds.

Content Analysis

Their exhibition contained various pieces in different forms of media. It had string pieces, paintings, a dummy doll bottled up. The color of the exhibition as a whole was a representation of the frustration felt in their previous rejection that led up to this point. The string art piece was the most interesting because it looked like a “connect the dots” type of work representing the pieces they were trying to put together in order to find success.

Formal Analysis

The exhibition gives the feeling of two people unable to be accepted into something they want. They build these art pieces to show their frustration. It showed work that gave a sense of heartbreak but in doing so, it also presented a creative work proving that maybe they should have been accepted into the program they wanted to be in.

Synthesis/My Experience 

I feel many people have gone through the feeling of rejection. One way or another, we all have felt it. I know I felt that when I received a rejection letter from UCLA. Applying to 8 schools and being rejected from the main one you wanted to be at crushed me. Their work resonates with what I felt because they showed what I felt. It also showed that you are supposed to make the best of situations and look at as a learning lesson. I’m now blessed to be at CSULB.



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