Week 7-Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

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Exhibition Information 

Name: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Sculpting

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: http://www.dulcesoledadibarra.com

No Instagram that’s public

About the Artist

Dulce is an undergrad here at CSULB. She’s 25 years old from Chino California and is currently on her last semester before graduating. She’s working towards getting her BFA in Sculpting. Dulce was originally working towards her degree in painting before switching to Sculpting. She has been working at non-profit museums for 5 years and did sculptural work there, which made her eventually transition into sculpting over painting. Her exhibition took a couple of months to complete.

Formal Analysis 

The art pieces in this exhibition are in the media form of sculpting. There are many pieces that have to do with lawn mowing equipment. Many of the pieces are covered with gold wrapping which emphasizes the title of the exhibition: Manos De Oro which in English is Golden hands or hands made of gold.

Content Analysis 

In Manos De Oro, it shows various pieces of equipment used for lawn mowing that are covered in golden wrapping. Dulce said this exhibition is based off of her father and his work in this field. She titled it Manos De Oro because her father is 70 years old and still doing everything he can to provide for his family when he should be retired. Instead he works constantly and tirelessly to make life easier for him and his family. She covered the pieces in gold because it represents the value that it means to her that her father uses all this heavy equipment to be able to provide. Dulce said she showed this exhibition to her father and said he was sentimental after seeing the whole thing and realizing how much his hard work meant to her.

Synthesis/My Experience

I thought this work was beautiful. I felt I could really connect with the work because I have a grandfather who is in his 70’s and still doing work like this himself. I felt a connection with this since it hit home. After interviewing Dulce, I told her that this was one of the best works to me since it felt so close to home. I still stand by that because it made me realize that everyone has a struggle and family will do whatever it takes to get through that. I felt I saw that in this exhibition and it was such a beautiful thing to see.



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