Week 6-Artist Conversation-Blaine Scot Prow

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Exhibition Information

Name: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Studio Arts

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merino Gallery

Website: Not available because it is not finished

Instagram: tiffuts

About the Artist

Blaine Prow is a senior here at CSULB. He is an undergraduate studying to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts. Prow is expecting to branch out in graphic design after graduating and working for an in-house company rather than working at a design studio. His work began with triangular pieces and from there he decided to make more pieces for the project. He said this exhibition was more about the content of his art instead of the color, since it was a simple black and white theme. He really enjoys the geometry of works and that is what led to this exhibition and it all took about 24 hours total of work over a past weekend.

Formal Analysis

The exhibition was based off of geometry. If you notice, all the pieces are shapes in black and white.The color scheme of them makes it stand out heavily. It gives it a different form of texture and it makes people want to continue looking at it closely to try to see the small details to it.

Content Analysis

The exhibition consisted of many pieces that had a starting base of a shape. From then, it developed into these pieces that are shown above. Prow’s interests surrounds construction. He loves building these types of pieces so he created this. He loves geometry because of the sharp lines and is fascinated by the construction of things so he put two and two together and created these pieces. They stand out because of how well they are created and how unique each of them are.

Formal Analysis

It really caught my attention when I walked into the gallery because I was basically surrounded by all the art pieces around me. I really enjoyed how the black and white blended so well together because of how three dimensional it made the pieces look. The meaning of it had to do with Prow’s interests with construction and geometry, which was something that I used to be interested in so I really got a good understanding of this project.


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