Painting 1-Graffiti Art


Hey, again! This week’s activity was graffiti art. Again, I was swamped with work for these past few days and it was difficult to create something to perfection that I would have liked. As you can see, it didn’t turn out this way. I definitely want to try this project again when I actually have free time and am not rushed. Back story on my take of graffiti art: I don’t come from the safest neighborhood like some people are from. I was born in Bellflower, California but grew up in South Central, California. Through my experience, there were so many bad influences there and a lot of them liked to vandalize property that wasn’t theres. They specifically did it through graffiti. I used to see graffiti as something negative because of what all the delinquents around me portrayed it as. As I grew older and out of that city, I realized it wasn’t like that at all. It became more of a message to me. Some were messages you didn’t always agree to, but it was a message for people who did. It became something beautiful for me because it showed me that this was a message, not vandalism and it taught me to take a different approach when analyzing the works of people do graffiti art. I would definitely attempt this assignment once more because I knew it would be way better. If you got this far in reading, here’s a big thank you: THANK YOU.

Thanks for tuning in,



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