Week 4-Art Experience-Automatic Drawing



Hey! Apologies for the blurry image, but I’m hoping you’re able to somewhat get an idea of it. I had a few problems uploading this picture and it would only come out in this quality and not the way I originally took. This week’s activity was pretty interesting because I had never done anything like this before. I had my little sister once again help me with this assignment because she really seems to be into art. She always gets so excited when I ask her for help because it’s not too often that I actually do. Anyway, we taped the paper to the wall since it was a flat surface and we just began to follow the flow. Throughout the duration of this process, I felt that our pencil was just going in loops over and over again. After finishing, we concluded that it sort of reminded us of black hole or a tornado.  In some parts of the picture it looked like it was coming to life, at least in our opinion. From the raw image, I think that’s pretty good. We didn’t want to add anything to it because we felt that could have defeated the purpose of this assignment so we left it as it was. It was a fun experience because there was no pressure and there were no expectations to what was good and what was bad so that definitely made this project a very relaxing one and I would definitely do it again. Hope you enjoyed the piece! Peace 😎


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