Week 3: Classmate Conversation

This week’s classmate conversation occurred outside of the classmate where we’ve had them the past two conversations. This week, we had them in the art galleries. I met Natalie Santana while going through some of the art. I’m glad she approached me because it was getting close towards the end of class and I hadn’t found anyone to have a conversation. Natalie is a third year student here at CSULB and is going for a hospitality management degree. She wants to become a casino property manager because it is a great source of income and she believes she’d excel in that field of work because she has the proper qualities that go in the hospitality management field. Nat loves drawing and painting and she used to do it a lot before and was quite talented at it too, but became less interested when her family started asking for drawings and paintings from her. She no longer felt like it was a hobby anymore, and became more like work so she became disinterested in it.

The question we decided to ask was, “How is art used in everyday life?” Her response was that Art keeps life and gives people something to think about other than what’s going on in their life. It gives people the opportunity to express themselves. We cannot live without art and we use art in our everyday life. Whether it is the music that we listen to on our way to places, seeing the ads that we see on billboards, to going to the beach or parks and looking at nature itself. There many different forms of art and everyone has a different perspective as to what art is and how they decide to use and/or express it.




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