Week 3: Artist Conversation-Juliet Johnson


Exhibition Information:

Artist: Juliet Johnson

Exhibition: I Thought I Saw a Windmill, Peter’s Party, and Fabriola, Queen of Feelings

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Facebook/Instagram: None that are public


About the Artist

Juliet is an undergraduate Art major and is a year away from graduating. She will be receiving her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts once she has finished up the rest of her courses here at CSULB. Since she was a kid, she had always been interested in art. Her mother was an artist and Juliet first started out painting for a long time. She transitioned into sculptural work because it was more enjoyable because it’s illustrative, and they are in the real world with us so it holds more meaning to the work. Writing and video work is the main thing she’s practiced but it all depends on the show and what she’s going to use.

Formal Analysis

The exhibition that I went through was a form of sculpture art. Is straight forward with a little bit of rhythm in the text of the picture and the moving picture (although the picture obviously doesn’t display that) I do not know the exact the exact nature of the line because I am not familiar with all the different forms. but it didn’t look like anything complicated.

Content Analysis

The pictures go in this order: I Thought I Saw a Windmill (bottom), Peter’s Party (top right), and Fabriola, Queen of Feelings (top left). The art  connects in that order because of the effects of the first piece of art, continuing onto the other artworks. With the first piece, it has a quiet melody over the sound of people talking. As you here people talking, it transitions into “Peter’s Party” and as Juliet Johnson explains it, “The gravity here is off too. The frame is milled and the digital process’ leftovers, that fried-egg edge, feel organic.” and it goes into the last piece that makes the melody from the first artwork make it more enjoyable and relaxing.

Synthesis/ My Experience

After viewing this exhibition, it gave me a relaxing feeling. Although it may not have been the most positive art, it somehow made me feel relaxed because of the music Juliet made. She made the drum sounds, vocals, and recordings to make a really solid exhibition. To me, it was one of the things that made me stay and want to hear more information about her artwork. It could possibly make me have peace of mind which is one of the most relaxing things, throughout all of the outside stress.



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