Week 2: Landscape with a Corpse

This week’s activity was a little interesting. We were instructed to pose as a corpse. There’s always times where I’m really stressed out with whatever is going on in my life and it just leads to unnecessary thoughts. One thing that occasionally runs through my mind is how one day our world will come to an end. For some that day may be sooner than others but we’ll never know. For this activity, I posed as a corpse who was suffocated to their death. The way I see it playing it out is I’m asleep and I get surprise attacked and this is how I go out. I had help from my sister in law and my sister. My sister in law is shown in the first photo suffocating me, and the second image shows the end results. I had my sister as the photographer. I would say this was an interesting experience. I hate thinking of the idea of death, although I know that it is inevitable. This activity definitely got me thinking about it because it’ll come one day, but for now I’m just enjoying my life and all the experiences that come with it. I hope you enjoyed!


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