Week 2: Classmate Discussion

For this week’s classmate discussion, I met 5th year student Daniel. He’s finishing up his courses graduate this year and receive his degree in Biology. During our conversation, I asked him if he had a plan figured out once he graduated. He told me that once he graduates, he’s planning to join a research project that will pay his classes for an entire year and eventually get him a job. We discussed if art was important. We both definitely agreed that it was important because of what it represents. Referring to last week’s discussion, art is a form of expression and people do it the way they want to. Daniel said art is important because its a recreational thing to do for fun. It’s also a good way to document art over the years in history whether it’s through music, paintings, sculptures, movies, etc., and it has definitely shown. It was an interesting conversation between us and conversations with other classmates should be interesting as well. Hope you enjoyed!

Class Discussion


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