The Effects of Cyber Bullying with Social Media

In this video, Annette Michelle, 12-year-old middle school student discusses the topic of cyber bullying and how toxic social media can be when teenagers spread hate with one another and the outcomes that can happen.

Breaking Down Laker Film

Pete Zayas, a member of the Forum Blue and Gold blog site breaks down film after each Lakers game. Through this work, it gives fan an in-depth look at analysis of each player, the plays that they run and overall aspects of each player’s skill set that they can improve upon. Work by Pete Zayas.

Debuting J. Cole’s Album

This mini episode talks about the release of an upcoming album that artist J. Cole was set to release in 2014 and it goes back to where he grew up. The video is shot well, the audio is clear and it is an overall success that depicts his childhood growing up. The name of the album is the address where he grew up in, 2014 Forest Hills Drive in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This work was produced by Dreamville.


Capturing La Placita Olvera

This piece captures stills of people walking down La Placita Olvera. Along with that are stills of the merchandise sold from the many vendors down Olvera Street and its relation to Latino Culture.

The Process to Donate Blood for the American Red Cross

The video speaks about the Red Cross and the process of donating. In it are visuals and film of the process from a first person point of view. I donated blood myself in order to get film and to help for a great cause.


Discussing Corruption in the Olympics

This is the first episode of Bryan’s Takes with my first guest, Dustin Strong, to discuss the controversy in the Olympics from Brazil and the corruption that has been going on in the Olympics in general.